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TK Solver
Solutions created using TK Solver 6.0 are posted to the CalcEdge™ cloud server using the CalcEdge™ wizard provided with TK Solver 6.0. The tutorials on this page provide an introduction to TK Solver and gives a new user a quick start to creating some useful calculations that can be shared through the CalcEdge™ platform.
This tutorial gives you a brief overview of the TK Solver interface. By the end of this tutorial you should be able to enter some simple equations into TK Solver, provide inputs and solve.
TK Solver provides very comprehensive units converstion feature. This tutorial explains how TK Solver's units conversions work and how you can specify units for any of the variables by entering the information into the Units Sheet. TK Solver has a Units Import Wizard which gives you ready access to hundreds of unit conversions in more than thirty different unit categories.
TK Solver can generate Tables and Plots of solutions, based on Equations on the Rules Tab. This tutorial takes you through an example in whcih we provide a model with a list of inputs and have TK Solver generate a corresponding list of outputs for creating X,Y plot data.
This tutorial shows you how to create a custom layout for your CalcEdge calculations using TK Solver's MathLook designer. The MathLook designer provides a canvas to display your inputs, outputs, comments, equations in "2D form", plots, lists and even tables. You can also add text, images, hyperlinks and embed YouTube videos to give your interface a more informative and professional look.